University College Faculty Updates

Monday, August 17, 2015

Tyndale University College faculty members are researching and teaching across a diverse range of academic disciplines. The following are some of the recent contributions that faculty members have made to their field of research:

Dr. Paul Arsenault, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, presented a paper at the 31st South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA-31) held on May 14–16, 2015, at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. His paper titled “The evolution of retroflex phonotactics in South Asia” traces the historical development of certain sound patterns in the languages of South Asia and discusses the implications of these developments for phonological theory.

Dr. Daniel Driver, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, had his article “Forgiveness” published in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology (Oxford University Press, 2015) in April 2015.

Dr. Brad Faught, Professor of History, will speak at the 120th Anniversary Commemoration of the Birth of Dame Margery Perham on September 19, 2015, at Nuffield College, Oxford University. Nuffield College is marking the 120th anniversary of the birth of its first Official and first female Fellow, Dame Margery Perham. Dame Margery's life was spent as an Oxford-based scholar of the British Empire in Africa, the most prominent in Britain during the middle years of the twentieth century. As Dame Margery's biographer, Dr. Faught was invited to deliver a lecture for the occasion. The commemoration of Dame Margery's birth is being held in conjunction with the annual Oxford Alumni Weekend. Dr. Faught’s lecture is titled “The Making of an Africanist: Margery Perham from Sheffield to Somaliland.”

Dr. Paul Franks, Associate Professor of Philosophy, lectured at the Ryerson University LIFE Institute Philosophy Café on April 7, 2015. This was an invited talk given to the LIFE Institute, which is an educational program for older adults. Dr. Franks spoke on “Heaven, Hell and the Value of God’s Existence.” He also lectured on June 20 at the Apologetics Canada Conference Toronto at The Peoples Church. This conference of the network of Christian scholars was designed to "equip Christians to communicate their faith with confidence and clarity." Dr. Franks’ lecture was titled “Does God Exist? The Kalam Cosmological Argument.”

Dr. Doug Hayhoe, Associate Professor of Education, gave the keynote talk at the Soil Interfaces for Sustainable Development conference on July 10, 2015, at McGill University. The conference commemorated 2015 being the International Year of Soils. His lecture was titled “Soil science education with K-12 students in Canada.” Dr. Hayhoe also attended the Lausanne Creation Care and the Gospel Conference at Gordon College, in Wenham, Massachusetts, on July 27–30, 2015. The conference was attended by 100 academics and scientists, mission and church leaders and environmental representatives from across North America. Local issues such as mountain top removal were discussed, along with global issues such as climate change, what their impact on Christian witness and mission is, and what the evangelical response should be, in line with the Gospel.

Professor Jane MacIntyre, Assistant Professor of Education, lectured at the Soil Interfaces for Sustainable Development Conference, which took place on July 5–10, 2015, at McGill University. Her lecture was titled “Real Life Social Stories: An Untapped Resource” and focused on the power of stories to help students understand scientific concepts about soil while developing strong literacy skills.

Dr. Scott Masson, Associate Professor of English, had three articles published in the National Post. “Why critics of the Ontario sex-ed curriculum are right” was published on April 1, 2015, “Shutting our minds to the truth” on May 14, 2015, and “Hunger artists in the reality TV age” on June 26, 2015. Dr. Masson also presented three lectures on matters related to Christianity and culture at the Christian Legal Institute on May 6–8 in Windermere Manor, London, Ontario.

Dr. Bradley Noel, Director of Pentecostal Studies and Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, attended the Society for Pentecostal Studies annual conference on March 12–14, 2015 in Lakeland, Florida. He was the morning teacher at the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador (PAONL) Jr. High (June 29–July 3) and Sr. High (August 17–21) Youth Camps, where he taught on Water Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and Divine Healing. From July 12 to 19, he served as the morning Bible teacher at the PAONL Family Camp, with a focus on "Jesus in 21st Century Culture."

Dr. Benjamin Reynolds, Associate Professor of New Testament, wrote a chapter for the book Rejection: God’s Refugees in Biblical and Contemporary Perspective (Pickwick Publications 2015), edited by Stanley E. Porter. Dr. Reynolds' chapter is titled "Jewish and Gentile Refugees in the Second Temple Period: A Response to Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Cynthia Long Westfall."


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