University College Faculty Updates

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tyndale University College faculty members are researching and teaching across a diverse range of academic disciplines. The following are some recent contributions that faculty members have made to their fields:

Dr. Paul Arsenault, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, was invited to speak at the Workshop on Typological Profiles of Language Families of South Asia on September 15 and 16 at Uppsala University, Sweden. His lecture was titled “Retroflexion in South Asia: Typological Genetic and Areal Patterns.” He presented evidence that the distribution of different retroflex systems does not correlate with language families in the region, as if each family was characterized by a different type of system. Rather, each type of system is characteristic of languages in a particular geographic area, regardless of family affiliation.

Dr. Elizabeth Davey, Associate Professor of English, published her book A Persevering Witness: The Poetry of Margaret Avison with Pickwick Publications in May. She has also co-authored a book with Dr. Alan Davey, Adjunct Professor and Senior Pastor of Weston Park Baptist Church, titled Abba’s Whisper: Listening for the Voice of God. The book is being published by Wipf & Stock and will be released this fall.  

Dr. Natasha Duquette, Associate Academic Dean and Associate Professor of English, published her book Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women’s Aesthetic Approach to Biblical Interpretation with Pickwick Publications.

Dr. Brad Faught, Professor of History and Global Studies, was elected for the lifetime honour of Continuing Senior Fellow of Massey College, University of Toronto. He previously held the title of Associate Senior Fellow. During the summer his article “The Making of an Africanist: Margery Perhman from Sheffield to Somaliland” was published in the Nuffield College Magazine, Oxford University. The article was based on a commemorative lecture marking the 120th anniversary of the birth of Margery Perham that he gave last year at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Dr. Ian Gentles, Distinguished Professor of History and Global Studies, organized and spoke at the Symposium on the Act for Medical Assistance in Dying on July 15. His lecture was titled “Medical Ethics after the Passage of the Law on Medical Assistance in Dying.” Yale University Press has invited him to prepare a rewritten and extended version of his book The New Model Army in England, Ireland and Scotland. In October, he will speak on the impact of induced abortion on women’s physical and spiritual health at the conference Love from Above in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson, Associate Professor of Health and Human Services, was the keynote speaker at the Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development (CACD) Annual Fundraiser on June 12, 2016. The title of his lecture was "Empowering Youth Through Education & Employment". He addressed over 100 attendees on the critical aspects of youth development in terms of positive identity formulation and empowerment through education, mentorship and educational opportunities. 

Dr. Benjamin Reynolds, Associate Professor of New Testament, published a chapter in the journal John, Jesus, and History, Volume 3: Glimpses of Jesus through the Johannine Lens with SBL Press. His chapter is titled “The Johannine Son of Man and the Historical Jesus: John 9:35 as a Test Case”.

Dr. Daniel Scott, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, recently celebrated his 20th year as Senior Pastor of St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Bradford, Ontario. A special event was hosted at the church and over 200 parishioners and guests attended, including Mayor Rob Keffer, York-Simcoe MPP Julia Munro and MP Peter Van Loan. Since Dr. Scott took on the role of Senior Pastor, the church has grown from a dozen parishioners to over 200. Throughout his years of ministry with St. John’s he has been involved in several community initiatives including a project to respond to Bradford’s urgent need for additional senior housing.

Dr. Daniel Wong, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, Director, University College Modular Programs, spoke at the Spiritual Education Seminary for Young Adults on August 19 at the Tri-Congregational Church in Toronto, Ontario. His lecture was titled “How to Build a Close Relationship with God.” He has also spoken at several churches throughout the year including Bay Area Chinese Bible Church in California, Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church, Martin Grove Baptists Church in Toronto, and Unionville Oasis Church.


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