When Disaster Strikes – An Art Exhibit

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On November 15th an art reception was held to celebrate award-winning artist Lynne McIlivride Evans’ exhibit “When Disaster Strikes”. In a 6 piece exhibit, Evans displayed the power, unpredictability and beauty of nature. Within her pieces, the destructive ability of stormy weather is demonstrated in an awe-inspiring manner which has one appreciating every detail of her complex pieces.

Most often, art is created as a product of emotional inspiration in the artist's own life. Just by visually inspecting a piece, it is usually possible to gauge the way the artist felt or thought at the time of conception. As Evans describes, she had experienced loss and other “stormy events” in her life; therefore this particular exhibit called “When Disaster Strikes” acts as an expression of inner turmoil in one's personal life, and was created as a way to deal with such.

A unique and interesting aspect of Evans work is the way in which she combines many different types of materials into one piece, resulting in a texturized combination of sculpture and painting. Due to her skill with mixing a variety of materials, her works are especially appealing, colourful, and contain real depth behind it, displaying the emotions and experiences behind its creation. Within such works she has included materials including linoleum, print, textile, sponge, and even parts of old paintings. The method that Evans used became an actual representation of the concept of her work, in the way that she describes “A tornado rips through a landscape just as the materials rip through the painting.”

This is the first art exhibit at Tyndale in many years and art curator Cindie Chaise hopes that having this special artwork exhibited within the walls of Tyndale will engage viewers’ curiosity. The exhibit will continue to be displayed in the seminary lounge until Wednesday, December 5th.


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