WorldCat comes to Tyndale’s Library

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tyndale’s Library has introduced WorldCat, a new, more extensive research search engine. This new system is provided by a non-profit organization that is run by libraries around the world.

The WorldCat search engine allows students to discover resources that might have been missed by using OnTRAC or the 50 plus databases that Tyndale subscribes to.  Hugh Rendle, the director of Library services says, “WorldCat is a really good alternative to Google. As people are used to going to one search engine and finding what they want.” WorldCat will allow students to search for books, peer-reviewed articles and e-books all in one place. Additionally, it can allow students to request books from other libraries in the area or around the world. 

WorldCat provides more information in one location, such as providing background information on a specific author. It offers students the opportunity to create an account on WorldCat that is free and has several functions such as creating lists of books or articles for a research project or group project, which can be shared through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or email. Professors can do the same by creating a list of articles for students to read. “WorldCat is an interface with a collaborative effect.” says Hugh.

There is a WorldCat mobile app available for mobile devices. The WorldCat system is now available for use on the Tyndale library page and will be completely implemented by April.



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