You Don’t Have to Be in Construction to Know What’s Happening at Bayview

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

“To be honest, right now I don’t know what’s going on over at the Bayview campus. I’d like to know, because it’s our future home, and it’d be nice not to be in the dark; see how the transition is going,” commented I.J. Makan, a current Tyndale student.

This is a sentiment shared by many in the community. To help people stay connected to the project of creating a new campus Tyndale recently created an online blog called “Road to Bayview”. This site will mark points of the journey of Tyndale’s transition to the beautiful 56-acre property, and will allow anyone interested to follow along.

The blog’s creator, Andrew Smith, explains that it’s “A great way to communicate in writing, photos and video, all the excitement that’s happening, and let the community stay on top of what’s going on.”

The future campus is undergoing substantial construction, which means the public can’t actually roam the halls themselves. The blog acts as an online tour guide, posting pictures and news articles in order to keep people updated, and feel connected to the renovations  

This time of transition is an exciting point in the history of Tyndale University College & Seminary. Stay up to date at


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