Heavenly Minded Earthly Good

Heavenly Minded Earthly Good - Tyndale Podcast

Season One

New episodes for season one available every Tuesday beginning October 4 until December.


Anita Wing Lee has spent a decade as content creator -- blogging, filming, snapping, live streaming, editing and publishing her way around the world. Since the age of 21, she's told stories from dozens of countries, confronted inequality and injustice, shared her spiritual journey, and aspired to be a voice for good.

But behind the Instagram and YouTube videos, there was something she never talked about: God had let her down. A supernatural encounter in 2017 forced her to stop traveling, demolished her fledgling career, and left her with no option but to come back to Toronto where she found herself working at church.

When she enrolled in a Master's of divinity at Tyndale University, she wasn't trying to become holy or a pastor. It was just unfinished business. They call it deconstruction. She calls it seeking the truth. This is her story.