2 Samuel 21-24: A Theological Reflection on Israel's Kingship

By Grace Ko
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The chiastic arrangement of 2 Sam 21-24 signifies that it is not just a collection of miscellaneous material supplementing the Samuel corpus. Rather it is intentionally arranged to function as a theological reflection on Israel's kingship. This paper shows that the three pairs of literary elements, namely, the two narratives (2 Sam 21:1-14; 24:1-25); the two lists of warriors (21:15-22; 23:8-39); and the two poems (22:1-51; 23:1-7), demonstrate divine responses to Israel's request for a king. Despite his displeasure of their request, God grants Israel their wish and installs kings for them. The two narratives show the failure of human kingship that brings calamity to the people. The warrior lists are the manifestations of God's providence in giving them fighters. The two poems reveal divine election of David as his messiah and that Israel's ideal kingship should be under the governance and supremacy of their divine King, Yahweh.

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Article in Old Testament Essays
Volume #: 31
Issue #: 1
Pages: 114-134
Publisher: The Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO)
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 2312-3621

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