Bonhoeffer's Anti-Logos and its Challenge to Oppression

By Patrick Franklin
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In this article I will investigate this question of whether or not Christianity (i.e. Christ) can challenge or confront its surrounding culture, especially in cases where there is systemicoppression active within the culture. I will propose that Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s concept of Christas the Anti-Logos can help Christians to stand against oppression by directing them to discern the person and voice of the living Christ. To establish this, I will pursue three lines of argumentation:first, the Anti-Logos challenges all totalizing tendencies and claims; second, the Anti-Logos identifies with the oppressed and the victimized; and third, the Anti-Logos radically redefines theidentity of one’s neighbour. However, before I proceed, I will elucidate the meaning of Anti- Logos as Bonhoeffer presents it in his Christology lecture series.

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Article in Crux
Volume #: 41
Issue #: 2
Pages: 2-9
Year: 2005

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