A Case Study in Adult Discipleship: Stories of Apprenticeship to Jesus at an Urban Anglican (Episcopal) Church

By Yau Man Siew
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Anglican (Episcopal) churches around the world face a serious problem in discipleship and has called for a season of “intentional discipleship and disciple-making.” The Anglican Church of Canada renewed its emphasis on discipleship, providing some helpful resources, but there are no studies of how discipleship may be experienced at a congregational level. This study focuses on an Anglican church, identified as a leader in discipleship ministry. Through in-depth interviews and observations of formative events, I sought to discover how this congregation understood discipleship, engaged its Anglican tradition, lived and nurtured its reality in their context.

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Article in Christian Education Journal: Research on Educational Ministry
Pages: 1-23
Year: 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 10.1177/0739891320959084

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