Explaining Evil: Four Views

By Dr. Paul Franks
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In Explaining Evil four prominent philosophers, two theists and two non-theists, present their arguments for why evil exists. Taking a 'position and response' format, in which one philosopher offers a point of view and three others respond, this book guides readers through the advantages and limitations of philosophical positions on evil, making it ideal for classroom use as well as individual study.

Divided into four chapters, Explaining Evil covers Theistic Libertarianism, Theistic Compatibilism, Naturalist Moral Realism and Naturalist Moral Non-realism. It features topics including free will, theism, naturalism, goodness, Calvinism, moral evolution and pain, and demonstrates some of the dominant models of thinking within contemporary philosophy of religion.

Written in accessible prose and with an approachable structure, this book provides a clear and useful overview of the central issues of the philosophy of evil.

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This is a peer reviewed Book

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Year: 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501331121

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