Invited Book Review of Unsettling the Word: Biblical Experiments in Decolonization

By Dr. Barbara Leung Lai (Review)
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For generations, the Bible has been employed by settler colonial societies as a weapon to dispossess Indigenous and racialized peoples of their lands, cultures, and spiritualties. Given this devastating legacy, many of these people want nothing to do with it. But is it possible for the exploited and their allies to reclaim the Bible from the dominant powers? Can it serve as an instrument for justice in the cause of the oppressed, and even a nonviolent weapon toward decolonization?

In Unsettling the Word, over 60 Indigenous and Settler authors come together to wrestle with the Scriptures, rereading and re-imagining the ancient text for the sake of reparative futures. When read through these new lenses, the biblical texts come alive in new and surprising ways.

Rose Marie Berger (Author),  Steve Heinrichs (Editor)

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This is a peer reviewed Review

Review in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Volume #: 82 (1)
Issue #: Jan 2021
Pages: 175-177
Publisher: Orbis Books
Year: 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9781626983113

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