Rewired: Exploring Religious Conversion

Book cover of Rewired: Exploring Religious Conversion

By Paul N. Markham
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Rewired begins with the claim that contemporary views of Christian spirituality, particularly in the American evangelical tradition, concentrate too exclusively on the interior and individual nature of spiritual experience. Paul Markham argues that a reexamination of the doctrine of religious conversion is needed within American evangelicalism and finds resources for such a model in the Wesleyan theological tradition and from philosophical and scientific insights into a "nonreductive physicalist" view of human nature. In considering "data" from theology and science, this book represents an integrated work in science and religion.

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This is a peer reviewed Review

Review in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
Volume #: 60
Issue #: 4
Pages: 274-275
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Year: 2008
ISBN/ISSN: 1630879290

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