Schism and the Spirit in Hugh Bourne's Theology

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By Dr. James E. Pedlar
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It is normally argued that theological issues were not at stake in the separation of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from Wesleyan Methodism. While it is true that the flashpoint issues were methodological, there were underlying theological differences that contributed to the schism. Primitive Methodist co-founder Hugh Bourne had a pneumatocentric theology that prioritized the personal work of the Holy Spirit over the Spirit's work through the community. His Spirit-centred perspective led the Primitive Methodists to a more participatory and egalitarian understanding of the church, but offered little reason to resist separation from Wesleyan Methodism when conflict arose.

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Article in Wesley and Methodist Studies
Volume #: 10
Issue #: 2
Pages: 177-196
Publisher: Wesley and Methodist Studies
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 2291-1723

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