Teaching, Scholarship, and Christian Worldview: A Review of Recent Literature

By Patrick Franklin
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The purpose of this essay is to introduce and recommend some important resources on the topic of integrating Christian worldview with scholarship and teaching in higher education. In particular, it is hoped that this article will expose Christian professors to (i) resources that will help them come to terms with their own vocation and thinking as Christian scholars and teachers; and (ii) resources that will prove helpful and formative for their students. The first section reviews four books that are suitable for students and well suited as textbooks to introduce them to a Christian worldview as it relates to scholarship. The second section reviews three books that are addressed specifically to Christian professors, and are helpful whether they teach at a Christian or a secular college or university. The final section includes a list of other resources for further study and development.

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This is a peer reviewed Article

Article in McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
Volume #: 11
Pages: 28-61
Year: 2009-2010

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