The Emergence of Sin: The Cosmic Tyrant in Romans

By Patrick Franklin
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SIN is a person, a being, an entity exercising tyrannical dominion over all human persons since the dawn of humanity’s emergence. This is the provocative claim that Matthew Croasmun, Associate Research Scholar, Director of the Life Worth Living Program at the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture, and Lecturer of Divinity and Humanities at Yale University, advances in his book The Emergence of SIN. Based on his doctoral dissertation (which won the 2015 Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise), Croasmun masterfully weaves together interdisciplinary research from the fields of biblical studies, theology, ancient Greco-Roman culture, and scientific and philosophical contributions to emergence theory. He puts forth a case that is stimulating, enlightening, and, for the most part, clear and convincing, with important implications for theological anthropology, ecclesiology, ethics (social and personal), politics, and the dialogical, mutually enriching relationship between science and Christian faith.

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Review in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
Volume #: 71
Issue #: 3
Pages: 189 - 192
Publisher: American Scientific Affiliation
Year: 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 0892-2675

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