The Pastor as Poet”, in For Christ and His Church

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By Dr. Cyril Guerette
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Contributors: Rick Reed, Michael Haykin, Barry Howson, David Barker, Wayne Baxter, Gord Oeste, Cyril Guerette, Marianne Vanderboom, Stan Fowler This joint effort by professors from Heritage College & Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario, seeks to leverage scholarly learning for the good of Christ's church, applying academic study to ministry situations. Its aim is to support, strengthen and sharpen the church by assisting its leaders to become more biblically solid and spiritually vibrant. Topics range from reuniting God's people to God's Word, the big picture of the Bible, the shepherd metaphor, the history of a theological institution, the importance of background to preaching and teaching, leadership lessons from Judges, the pastor as poet, singleness and rethinking Christian funerals. Though varied in theme, each essay forms part of a united vision to establish biblical leaders and equip the church to serve out its Christ-centred gospel mission.

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This is a peer reviewed Chapter

Chapter in For Christ and His Church: Essays in Service of the Church and Its Mission
Publisher: Sola Scriptura Ministries International
Year: 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1894400657

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