Theodicy and Hope in the Book of the Twelve

By George Athas (Anthology Editor), Beth M. Stovell (Anthology Editor), Daniel Timmer (Anthology Editor), Colin M. Toffelmire (Anthology Editor)
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This volume explores the themes of theodicy and hope in both individual portions of the Twelve (books and sub-sections) and in the Book of the Twelve as a whole, as the contributors use a diversity of approaches to the text(s) with a particular interest in synchronic perspectives. While these essays regularly engage the mostly redactional scholarship surrounding the Book of Twelve, there is also an examination of various forms of literary analysis of final text forms, and engagement in descriptions of the thematic and theological perspectives of the individual books and of the collection as a whole. The synchronic work in these essays is thus in regular conversation with diachronic research, and as a general rule they take various conclusions of redactional research as a point of departure. The specific themes, theodicy and hope, are key ideas that have provided the opportunity for contributors to explore individual books or sub-sections within the Twelve, and the overarching development (in both historical and literary terms) and deployment of these themes in the collection.

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Pages: 22-39
Publisher: T and T Clark
Year: 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9780567695352

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