Theodicy in Habakkuk

By Dr. Grace Ko
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This extraordinary work explains how the writer of the book of Habakkuk resolves the issue of theodicy. Reading the book as a literary whole, Grace Ko uses a holistic, synchronic approach to investigate how its writer presents his case, and how he reaches the final resolution of his problem. Since theodicy is a common human issue raised during atrocity, Habakkuk's experience becomes a source of hope and resolute faith for the believing community in the midst of severe adversity. COMMENDATION "Theodicy in Habakkuk is a welcome addition to the interpretation of the prophetic message of Habakkuk. This sensible, clearly written book deserves the attention of all serious Old Testament scholars and students." - J. Glen Taylor, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Canada

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Publisher: Paternoster
Year: 2014
ISBN/ISSN: 9781842278505

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