Current Issues in Psychopathology

COUN 0679 (3)

Introduces the diagnostic categories of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5) and considers various theoretical approaches to abnormal manifestations and psychopathology across the life span. In particular, students will gain an understanding of a range of traditional mental health problems as described in the DSM-5, the impact of these problems on relationships and current treatment strategies. Specific attention will be given to the major disorders of thinking (schizophrenia), affect (anxiety, depression, bipolar) and behaviour (personality). The emphasis will be on the impact of mental illness on family life and current methods of assessment and intervention. These methods will integrate individual and systems approaches to therapy, as well as psychiatric and biomedical approaches. The common psychotropic interventions used as adjuncts to treatment will be discussed. Prerequisites: COUN 0574 and COUN 0674 or equivalent.
Course Code: COUN 0679 | Credit Hours: 3 | Seminary Graduate Course

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