Families in Transition: Divorce, Single Parenting and Re-Marriage

COUN 0693 (3)

Family life and structure have become increasingly diverse and complex. This course will utilize a systemic approach to exploring how families navigate these transitions, and how therapists can provide safe and effective therapeutic interventions when working with families. Transitions including the COVID-19 pandemic, separation and divorce, remarriage, various parenting arrangements, illness, death and loss, domestic violence, gender and sexuality, aging and multi-generational families will be addressed. Attention will also be given to transitions that have been marginalized, or which are increasingly relevant in a context of globalization, diversity and inclusion, such as migration and refugee experiences, incarceration and military service. Prerequisites: COUN 0574 and COUN 0677.
Course Code: COUN 0693 | Credit Hours: 3 | Seminary Graduate Course

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