Seminary Programs

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Tyndale Seminary Programs

Come to Tyndale for our innovative and creative programs. We will help prepare you to lead and live from the core of your faith while providing you with a comprehensive theological foundation.

Course Syllabi

Syllabi for most Seminary courses will be made available online prior to course registration. Official syllabi will be distributed to students registered in each courses.

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Course Descriptions

View the course descriptions for Seminary courses. Please refer to the official Course Schedule to see when specific courses are offered.

You can view all course descriptions or view specific course types using the links below.


Flexible Study Options

You have multiple commitments; yet God has called you to further your studies, to gain new levels of expertise, and to deepen your commitment to Christian leadership in your ministry or profession. Tyndale Seminary understands. That is why we designed several ways for you to approach your course work

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Full Time

Take the time to immerse yourself in your program. This includes taking three to five courses per term.

Part Time

Work through the course requirements for your program at the pace that your life allows. Take as many courses per term as you like.

Evening and Weekend Classes

Seminary courses are offered during the evenings and on weekends to fit your schedule.

One-Week Intensives

Along with pre-and post-course assignments, complete a seminary course in a concentrated, one-week format. View Spring & Summer School information  |  View Intersession information

Online Courses

Seminary Online is specifically designed so that the students taking the courses never have to step foot on campus. Whether you are across the street or across the country, Seminary Online makes it possible to learn from Tyndale’s faculty.

Modular Programs

Tyndale offers a modular program for people who wish to learn outside of the traditional semester system. You meet once a week with a dedicated cohort of fellow students, acquiring a full degree while still being able to work full-time.


Join a class “live” from wherever you live. You will connect via the web live to a class that is taking place on Tyndale’s campus to hear the lectures and participate in class.

Retreat and Tour Studies

Study a wide range of topics in different countries, such as Germany, Ireland, Israel and Lebanon.