A male and female student seated in a classroom listening intently

Seminary Study Options

You have multiple commitments; yet God has called you to further your studies, to gain new levels of expertise, and to deepen your commitment to Christian leadership in your ministry or profession. Tyndale Seminary understands. That is why we designed several ways for you to approach your course work:


Take the time to immerse yourself in your program. This includes taking three to five courses per term.


Tyndale Seminary understands that full-time study is a big commitment — often too big of a commitment for many. Sometimes, part-time study is the only feasible option. In light of this, Tyndale does not require any kind of minimum course load in any of its non-modular or cohort programs. Feel free to take as many or as few courses per semester as your life allows.

Night Classes

Tyndale Seminary offers numerous night classes per semester. These classes run once a week from 6:30 to 9:20 p.m. for the semester, helping keep your schedule flexible whatever your other commitments may be. To see which classes are being offered at night, please see our course schedule.

Online Courses

Seminary Online is specifically designed so that the students taking the courses never have to step foot on campus. Whether you are across the street or across the country, Seminary Online makes it possible to learn from Tyndale’s faculty. The faculty is available online, prompt in answering and knowledgeable.

You have the option to learn on your schedule, with little to no need for being online at a specific time. The courses are highly interactive with weekly topical question and answer sections where all students in the class and the professor debate and explore topical issues. The courses are designed to develop a learning, supportive community online.

Learn more about Seminary Online

One-Week Intensives

Tyndale Seminary offers one-week intensive classes, running Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., through two programs throughout the year. These work well for people who have the ability to take a larger block of time to complete course work in a week. The first of these is Intersession, which runs in the first week of January; the second is the Spring & Summer School, which runs from May to August at various points.

Modular/Co-hort Program

Tyndale offers a modular program for people who wish to learn outside of the traditional semester system. You meet once a week with a dedicated cohort of fellow students, acquiring a full degree while still being able to work full-time. 


Non-Traditional Class Schedules

Often, Tyndale Seminary has the opportunity to offer classes with world-renowned and expert faculty who teach in a non-traditional format. Not only are these classes taught at times that are accessible for the non-traditional student, but the course content for these classes often covers material not generally found within a traditional seminary course. To see if any such courses are coming up, visit the Course Schedule.

Interactive Livestream

Join a class ‘live’ from wherever you live. You will connect via the web live to a class that is taking place on the Tyndale campus to hear the lectures and participate in class.

Community Hub: London

Seminary level courses taught in the comfort of your local faith community. Courses can be taken by those who desire to complete a Master’s level degree or a modified version for personal interest. Courses offered are hybrid, combining online study with weekly facilitated discussions taking place at North Park Community Church in London, Ontario.