Faculty Advising

 At Tyndale, every student is assigned a faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor will help you navigate academic policies and offer advice about choosing your major and taking the right courses. We want you take advantage of all the academic opportunities Tyndale has to offer and we know that it can be complicated. We also know that you are in the process of discovering your gifts and passions. Your faculty advisor can help you think through career possibilities and life after university.

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisor is a resource to help you. You, the student, are responsible for your educational experience. It is up to you to fulfill your program requirements and follow the academic policies and procedures, as written in the Tyndale Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

You are assigned a faculty advisor based on your current academic program. If you change your program, your Faculty Advisor will change. If you are registered in a double major program, you will need to see the Faculty Advisor that corresponds with each major. See below for programs and corresponding Faculty Advisors.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration

Business Administration - Dr. Paul Franks

Bachelor of Religious Education

Certificate in Christian Studies

Transitions - Sharon Chuah

Centre for Service Learning

Coordinator of Service Learning - Allyson MacLeod

Expectations of Faculty Advisors

You can expect your advisors to:

  • Be knowledgeable about your program requirements
  • Assist you in course selection and vocational exploration
  • Have posted office hours every week throughout the semester
  • Return your emails and phone messages
  • Take interest in you as individuals

Expectations of Students

You will be expected to:

  • Contact your advisor ahead of time to make an appointment with him/her at least once a semester
  • Respect his/her time and office hours
  • Take responsibility for your own academic plans and progress