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This form is for new and current Tyndale Faculty to submit profile information to the WebTeam. Faculty profiles can be updated on a regular basis as needed.

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Please note: Faculty Publications are managed separately, new publications can be submitted through this form.

For help with this form, please email webteam [at] tyndale [dot] ca

If you are updating an existing Faculty profile, it would be helpful if you give us a quick summary of what needs to be updated. Please make sure you complete the changes in the form below as well — this will just help us make sure we have all of the details.

Please use the form elements below to update the information on your Faculty profile.

If you have an existing profile, you only need to complete the form elements that require change.

This title will be verified with HR for accuracy
If you have an external website that you would like us to link to, please add it here. This could be your own blog or CV etc.
These are displayed above the written part of your faculty profile and should include: Degree earned, School and the year of graduation.

Example Academic Credentials

BRS, Tyndale University College & Seminary, 1989
BA, University of Waterloo, 1991
MA, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1994
PhD, University of Toronto, 2004

Sample: Research Methods, Religion in North America, Sociology of Religion, and Canadian Evangelicalism

Profile Text Changes


  • Copy your profile text from the website, paste it in here and then make the changes
  • Describe the changes you would like to make here (easiest for simple changes).


  • Profile text should be written in the third-person.
  • Publications do not need to be added here, If you add them to the Faculty Publications list, they will automatically show up on your Faculty profile page.
  • Profile text will be reviewd by an Editor in the Marketing department for accuracy and consistancy. If there are any changes, you will be contacted.

Human Interest Questions

We will soon be adding some more "Human Interest" components to the Faculty profiles. These questions are optional and will only appear on your profile if you would like them to. Please complete as many or as few of these questions as you would like.

Please add the year you started teaching at Tyndale
Please describe your favourite place on campus and describe why.
Please describe your favourite place in Toronto and describe why. This could be a restaurant, park, place to hammock, cultural centre...