Tyndale Faculty Publications

Book Review - Leading a Multicultural Church by Michael Patten

Dr. Rupen Das, Review in Journal of European Baptist Studies

School: Seminary & Graduate

Canada’s Salvation Army and War: The War Cry, Soul Saving, and the South African War

Dr. Eric Crouse, Chapter in Gordon L. Heath, ed., Empire From the Margins: Religious Minorities in Canada and the South African War

School: Undergraduate

“Separate but Non-Sectarian: The Salvation Army’s Place in the History of Wesleyan Ecclesial Division.”

Dr. James Pedlar, Article in Word & Deed: A Journal of Salvationist Theology and Ministry

School: Seminary & Graduate

"His Mercy is Over All His Works": John Wesley's Mature Vision of the New Creation

Dr. James Pedlar, Article in Canadian Theological Review

School: Seminary & Graduate

"The Preacher and One’s Own 'Text-of-Life'"

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Global Perspectives on the Old Testament

School: Seminary & Graduate

2 Samuel 21-24: A Theological Reflection on Israel's Kingship

Dr. Grace Ko, Article in Old Testament Essays

School: Seminary & Graduate