Media Arts Programs


Media Arts Programs

Media Arts programs taught from a Christian perspective.

Tyndale's Media Arts programs are designed to enable students to develop as meaningful creative storytellers, empowered with the technical skills to work, serve, and lead in creative and Christian communities. Students will be mentored as filmmakers, media artists, and content leaders equipped to tell 21st century audio-visual stories from a Christian worldview.

Media Arts — Business

Learn how media can be an advocate for business, and create marketing campaigns and content on your own.

Media Arts — Fine Arts

Explore various approaches to media arts with courses in Animation, Motion Graphics and VFX Storytelling, and The History and Practice of Experimental Media.

Media Arts — Media Ministry

Media Ministry brings the Word to a new generation. While exploring how media influences modern culture, you will have the opportunity to creatively share theology through media.

Media Arts — Production

Learn how to use Dramatic Filmmaking, Social Media Production and Documentary Filmmaking to create projects that express unique messages related to your interests.

Media Arts courses in this program are delivered primarily through competency based online courses. Students will be encouraged by mentors and fellow-students in forums and weekly critiques as they develop their talents.

Minor (BA) in Media Arts

Tyndale’s Minor (BA) in Media Arts is designed for students who want to explore media writing and production while pursuing a different Major. Students will be introduced to cinematography, the language of media and the art of editing as well as an understanding of the philosophy of film.