Before the Pandemic, Tyndale was Already a Leader in Online Education

Today, our students are as well-positioned as ever to succeed

By Tyndale Communications  /  Monday, May 4, 2020

Student studying on a computer

COVID–19 has put all of us in uncharted territory, but Tyndale’s long history of innovation and creativity — and our reputation as a leader in online education — means quality learning is full steam ahead.

Years before the pandemic hit, students here could already access a robust mix of courses online. Today, thanks to Tyndale’s solid track record of using all the technology at our disposal, they are as well-positioned as ever to succeed.

Rev. Dr. J. Kevin Livingston, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry, says he’s encouraged at how well his own students are making the transition.

“In this season of physical isolation, I’ve realized how much face-to-face interaction matters in the classes I teach, but I’ve been deeply encouraged to see my students rise to the challenge and respond with enthusiasm as we’ve spent time together on Zoom,” Livingston says.

“We’ve enjoyed discussing course readings, listening to one another’s sermons, entering into caring conversation and prayer for one another. ”

“I am so proud of how our students continue to work hard and support one another in this ‘new normal,’ and the technologies we are using are a vital link to keep us connected together in this deeply isolating time.” 

Do it your way, in your own time

Tyndale University regularly offers more than 40 online courses on a rotational basis, giving you a broad range of options from Biblical studies, theology and pastoral ministry to the history of Christianity, Greek and Indigenous studies.

In fact, you can complete an entire Master of Theological Studies (MTS) and most of a Master of Divinity (MDiv) without ever setting foot on campus.

And although the turbulence and uncertainty of these unprecedented times has restricted us from meeting in person, it won’t stop Tyndale from nurturing the strong sense of community we are known for.

Taking courses online naturally feels different than the classroom experience. But once you experience a Tyndale online course, we’re confident you’ll quickly appreciate the outstanding learning platform.

Excellent resources and a sense of community online

“The engagement with students from other countries and cultures allow for a richer interaction with study content,” says MTS student Dave Kraulis. “We have the opportunity to transcend a traditional GTA perspective and context, and I appreciate the excellent technology supporting online learning.”

“Interaction with my professor during weekly office hours on Zoom allowed for a meaningful resolution of my study issues as well as an opportunity to get to know the professor and other students. I also look forward to the professor’s weekly summary video.”

“In 15 minutes or less he would encapsulate the key issues discussed as well as call out highlights from numerous discussion forums. He would also tie in current day topics, like COVID–19, to ensure the teaching speaks to our current context.”

Adds Dr. William (Bill) Webb, Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies: “Students in small-group forums develop real friendships through collective ‘Oh yes!’ moments. This exponential learning differs from many in-person courses where the professor simply hands back a paper with the grade and a few comments. The difference is amazing! I love it.” 

Curious about what Tyndale online learning looks like? We’ve put together a sample of courses so that you can see for yourself.

Then, when you’re ready to get the most out of online learning, apply online!