“A Day to Celebrate” at the 2021 Bachelor of Education Convocation

Graduates reminded of unique role educators have in shaping young minds

By Tyndale Communications  /  Monday, June 7, 2021

Tyndale chapel

More than 300 people tuned in to the 2021 Bachelor of Education Convocation, and chatroom participants exuded joy, cheer, and a heart of thankfulness.

“GUYS WE DID IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS!" wrote Witley Robinson-White

"Congratulations to each of you! I am so proud of you!" wrote Jocelyn Paas, a Tyndale instructor

"A truly great morning to celebrate an exceptional group of people. Thanks to all who made it possible, including the grads!" wrote Dr. Ken Badley, a Tyndale professor.

Dr. Heather Birch, Director of the Bachelor of Education Program, launched the ceremony and warmly welcomed attendees. "Graduates, this ceremony is a chance for us to honour you—your resilience, your determination, your hard work and to think about the obstacles you've had to overcome and all the victories you achieved to ultimately earn this degree of Bachelor of Education,” she said. “I'm proud to know each one of you and look forward to staying connected and hearing about your journey in the years ahead."

"Your time at Tyndale, including the impact of the pandemic, has been part of the shaping, honing, and preparing that God has done in you to equip you for all that will come next,” said Dr. Marjory Kerr, President and Vice Chancellor. “This is a day to celebrate."

Next, Angela Margaret Farrington-Thompson, 2019-2020 Cohort Graduating Student Speaker, shared an inspiring message:

“Those designed to teach have spirits that are fed by the light as they seek the seeds of beauty, goodness, and truth wherever they may find themselves. Where those seeds seem to be in short supply, true teachers will plant and cultivate their own. That requires feet that are embedded in a firm foundation and eyes that are affixed upon a clear and unwavering vision.”

— Angela Margaret Farrington-Thompson

Dr. Joseph SmithFormer Tyndale instructor Dr. Joseph Smith and K-12 teacher, explained the importance of being an educator and entering the field of education at this particular point in time. “With everything we see going on in our world, there's a real demand on the process of teaching and learning to be as effective, as compelling, and as poignant as possible.”

Dr. Smith is the co-founder of Generation Chosen, an organization that mentors youth from underserved neighbourhoods, and recently received the 2021 Harry Jerome Decade Leader Award, honouring excellence in achievement. He shared his passion for teaching, which builds relationships, transfers ideas, and ensures application. He also delivered a powerful testimony of his mother, who touched and impacted many lives as a teacher. Her example, as well as Christ’s example of humility and instruction, provided inspiration to teach in the same way.

"Teaching and learning is a vital component in everybody's life,” he said. “It's not just limited to the classroom … what you're called to do always goes beyond the classroom."

After a time of worship, BEd graduates were invited to stand among family and friends as they were honoured, followed by the announcement of award recipients.

"As you take your virtual walk across the stage this year, and as you get your diploma, you enter the next phase of your professional lives,” said Dr. Terry LeBlanc, Program Elder, BEd Program.

“You're now newly formed teachers who've been prepared well at Tyndale to shape the lives of young students and do so in a good way. May our common Creator and the restorer of all that is, all that was, and all that will be grant you grace, give you favour, and bless your efforts as you become the best teacher and former of student minds that you can be."

— Dr. Terry LeBlanc, Program Elder

Congratulations BEd graduates!