Dr. Marjory Kerr Appointed President of Tyndale University College & Seminary

By Tyndale Communications  /  Thursday, December 12, 2019

a view of the Tyndale campus from the front lawn

Tyndale University College & Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Marjory Kerr as President & Vice Chancellor effective July 1, 2020.

Dr. Kerr comes to Tyndale from Booth University College in Winnipeg where she serves as President and Vice Chancellor. Previously she served as Booth UC’s Vice President Academic and Dean (2013–2016) and is a former member of Booth UC’s Board of Trustees (2001–2007), including three years as Chair of the Board.

Dr. Kerr holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Waterloo and is a Registered Psychologist in Ontario. Her extensive experience as an organizational consultant and executive coach focused on the identification and development of talent in public, private and not-for-profit/NGO organizations. Dr. Kerr continues to facilitate executive development programs and present at various workshops and conferences.

Steve Holmes, Board Chair notes, “As the president of a university college, Marjory understands university life and culture and with her experience will be able to bridge the needs of both the university college and the seminary. She is an excellent communicator – professional and polished but also warm and engaging. Most of all, Dr. Kerr is a deeply committed and faithful follower of Christ.”

Dr. Kerr’s appointment was the unanimous decision of the Board of Governors who acted as the Search Committee for this process. The board’s diversity which includes faculty and student representation along with other constituency groups, served this process well. The board began the succession planning process in September, 2018 and the search began in January, 2019 following the announcement of current President Dr. Gary Nelson’s decision to retire in June, 2020. More than 125 people participated in a community wide discernment process including faculty, staff, students and senior leadership. The thoughtful and essential feedback gathered during this time was used throughout the entire search process.

“This is an exceptional appointment for Tyndale at this time in its history. I have known and worked with Dr. Kerr in the past and couldn’t be more excited!”

— President Nelson

Dr. Kerr fulfills the qualities and attributes identified for the next President of Tyndale University College & Seminary. A lifelong member of The Salvation Army, she has held several significant leadership roles within the organization and is committed to developing her faith as she continues to seek and respond to God’s call in her life. Her commitment to Christian higher education as a means to challenge students to achieve their highest academic capabilities in the context of faith coincides with Tyndale’s mission to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for the enriching of the mind, heart and character.

During the process, Dr. Kerr stated, “The President embodies and represents the mission, ethos and face of the institution. As successor to President Nelson, I will honour Tyndale’s past and work in partnership with the Board of Governors, faculty, staff and students to address current challenges and opportunities as we collectively take the institution forward to achieve the mission and strategy.”

President Nelson stated, “This is an exceptional appointment for Tyndale at this time in its history. I have known and worked with Dr. Kerr in the past and couldn’t be more excited!”

Please continue to prayerfully support Dr. Nelson as he completes the remainder of his term as well as Dr. Kerr who begins the transition to Tyndale University College & Seminary.