Fall Tuition Questions Answered

By Tyndale Communications  /  Friday, June 12, 2020

Tyndale University sign at the front of campus

Tuition Questions Answered

There have been questions about whether tuition this fall will be reduced since courses are going to be delivered online and through distributed formats. The tuition and fees students pay is a significant investment. Even within this format, Tyndale University’s commitment to continuing to deliver academic excellence and unique student experiences is unchanged. In fact, Tyndale is investing significantly in the online learning experience by strengthening our resources to better serve our students and faculty.

Isn’t it cheaper to teach online?

Perhaps surprisingly, no. Designing virtual classrooms and online experiences for students requires faculty, technology and expertise to deliver an excellent experience. Tyndale’s unique educational experience – access to professors, personalized feedback, office hours and other supports – will continue to be provided this fall.

Why does online learning cost the same?

Tyndale remains committed to providing small classes. The same number of faculty will be engaged in providing academically-excellent courses while being accessible to students.

Additionally, Tyndale University is increasing its investment in distributed learning. Tyndale is redeploying - and where necessary hiring - trained producers and editors to provide support for professors as they bring their teaching and expertise into a new platform.

Current and former students have also been recruited. They will bring creativity and will support course design through technology. Tyndale will provide easy-to-use, creative and accessible education for all of our students, however, it requires investment and resourcing.

Other than courses, what does tuition pay for?

Almost all of the services students normally receive continue to be available. A few examples include:

  • The library is developing a plan to make the physical collection available to students. It continues to increase the digital resources that are available.
  • Counselling Services, access to professional counsellors, is available throughout the summer and will continue to be available to all students throughout the academic year.
  • The Centre for Academic Excellence, including Writing and Tutoring Services, Academic Advising and Career Services will continue to be offered. Personalized guidance to all students will be available to ensure their academic success.
  • The Accessibility Office is ready to help with confidential services and support.
  • Emergency financial support, along with scholarships and bursaries, are all part of the financial services available to students.
  • Free student access to computer programs like MSOffice365 (Word/Excel/Power Point, Teams, etc.) and access to professional research related software.

What about other fees?

Tyndale charges three supplemental fees; the Resource Fee, Administrative Fee and Student Activity Fee. The Resource Fee and Administrative fees help to fund a variety of resources such as technology and the administrative structures that ensure services can be provided uninterrupted. The Student Activity Fee funds student programming through the Student Associations. Plans are underway to provide experiences and programming this fall through these associations.

Tuition and fees this fall will remain unchanged. Tyndale is seeking to deliver its programs and services without increasing the cost to attend. Through bursaries, scholarships and a fundraising campaign everything possible is being done to create financial resources for students who need assistance.