Sisters of St. Joseph Mark 170th Anniversary

By Tyndale Communications  /  Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Sister of St Joseph awarded plaque with Marjory Kerr

Tyndale University celebrates the Sisters of St. Joseph on the 170th anniversary of their arrival in Toronto.

At a special mass at St. Paul's Basilica, Sister Georgette Gregory addressed the congregation:

“Today, we are celebrating our Oneness with God, Creation and Neighbour. We pray with gratitude for all that we have accomplished, and we look towards the future with the hope that, together with others and many of you here today, we can continue to meet the needs around us.”

Tyndale shares a special history with the Sisters of St. Joseph. From 1960 to 2013, the Sisters resided at Morrow Park, where the current Tyndale campus is located.

Tyndale purchased the 56-acre property from the Sisters, continuing the longevity of Christian education and the privilege of maintaining the Chapel as a sacred space. The Sisters relocated to East York and used the proceeds from the sale of Morrow Park to support community outreach and service programs.

“We celebrate with the Sisters of St. Joseph 170 years of faithful mission and service in Toronto, through education, social services and healthcare,” said Dr. Marjory Kerr, Tyndale's President and Vice Chancellor, who presented the Sisters with a commemorative plaque in December. "May God continue to bless the Sisters and their ministry as they continue to meet the needs of those around them with love and compassion.”