Speaking the Truth in Love

Pastors provide hope in trying times. Will you step to the pulpit?

By Tyndale Communications  /  Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Male preaching in chapel

Tyndale Seminary is committed to broadening the boundaries of conventional biblical communication in various settings and desires to collaborate with individuals that have creative ideas on how the Word of God can be ushered into our world today. People need Jesus more than ever, and The Preaching Concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track is designed to bring together like-minded individuals that can contribute to the innovation of gospel communication in all areas of public life.

Is God calling you to preaching or leadership in ministry?

Dr. Sarah HanThrough the program, students from diverse backgrounds and demographics reflect upon and articulate their own theological convictions concerning Christian proclamation and, in doing so, will develop deeper exegetical and hermeneutical skills as they wrestle with the meaning of biblical texts. Students can also expect to explore the nature of sermon design and experiment with various sermon forms and delivery styles.

“A person’s spiritual pilgrimage, temperament, gifting, life experiences, training and character, all shape the kind of Christian communicator they become,” says Dr. Sarah Han, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry (Homiletics). “An integral part of the program will be challenging and facilitating the pursuit of deeper self- knowledge and intimacy with God.”

“It will also help students develop the skill of theological reflection, an essential ministry practice that is especially important for preachers, as well as improving skills in public speaking and reading Scripture.”

A critical part of the program for students is learning to assess their own preaching skills through communication assessment tools and providing constructive feedback to others. The program includes 12 courses, completed within just over three years, along with distance learning and residency phases each year.

“The preaching concentration is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field, both theologically and practically, while being in close community with like-minded individuals on the same ministry journey,” says Dr. Han. “The concentration works in conjunction with the Leadership Track so that students will be able to sharpen various aspects of their skills and identity as leaders and preachers in their specific ministry context.”

Students are also encouraged to provide their unique contributions to the field of homiletics and are stretched in their theology and praxis of ministry as preachers.

“Continual learning and growth as a preacher are called for in all those engaged in homiletics, and Tyndale provides a fantastic setting where one can expect to be challenged, encouraged and supported to grow in one’s capacity as a conduit of God’s Word to the world,” explains Dr. Han. “As Edward McKendre Bounds wrote in Power Through Prayer: ‘Preaching is not the performance of an hour. It is the outflow of a life. It takes 20 years to make a sermon because it takes 20 years to make [the person].’”

The world needs preachers of integrity to bring hope and truth. Apply today