Study Abroad

Get your education in a different province, country, or continent. Spend a semester learning in Oxford, Uganda, or Los Angeles. If you’re interested in exploring a specific subject in depth, such as film, business, or missions, you can travel to a location internationally that specializes in teaching and equipping people to work in that field. All the international education you receive will translate into credits that you can apply to your own program.

Oxford Studies Program

Spend a semester living in the charming town of Charlbury in England with the Oxford Studies Program. You will attend lectures and seminars taught by current or retired Oxford professors, doctoral students and other subject experts in Charlbury and Oxford. You will be able to experience museums, theatres and concert halls in Oxford, London and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Oxford Studies Program

International Development Internship

Train your business skills and hit the ground running with an international development internship for Business Administration students. Pursue exactly what you are interested in by working with an organization of your choice, either by finding your own or working with a pre-established relationship. Work closely with the International Development Coordinator to find the right fit for you and your goals. You will be prepared for the internship with training, resources and mentoring. At the end of your internship, you will be prepared to start working for an NGO directly after graduation. Find out more about this cutting edge program by contacting the International Development Coordinator.

lmcmillan [at] tyndale [dot] ca (Contact the International Development Coordinator)

Best Semester

Enter into a diverse learning opportunity for a semester with one of the many programs offered through the Best Semester program.

American Studies Program

Connect your Biblical faith with political life in Washington, D.C.

Australia Studies Centre

Study arts and theology in Sydney, Australia, interacting with indigenous culture through drama, dance, art, and ministry.

Contemporary Music Center

Create music for a semester in Nashville, specializing as an artist, executive, or technician.

India Studies Program

Be challenged to discover a way to address the need of the poor and disenfranchised in the fascinating and diverse culture of India.

Latin American Studies Program

Discover Latin America while studying language, environment, or international business.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Shape modern culture by learning to telling powerful stories on film in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, the heart of the film industry.

Middle East Studies Program

Examine the rich history and culture of Middle Eastern people across diverse countries such as Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan and Turkey.

Oxford Summer Programme

Immerse yourself in the historic European setting of the University of Oxford, studying in your own field of interest and the Christian tradition in the British Isles.

Scholars' Semester in Oxford

Similar to the summer program in Oxford, you can choose your own field of interest to study, but for an extended period of time, up to two semesters.

Uganda Studies Program

Spend time with the people of Uganda and build relationships as you focus on Intercultural Ministry, Social Work, or Uganda Studies.

Washington Journalism Center

Cultivate your professional journalism skills in Washington, D.C. with practical training that will equip you with professional journalistic skills.

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