Anthropology and New Testament Theology

Anthropology and New Testament Theology book cover

By Dr. Benjamin Reynolds (Co-Editor)
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This volume considers the New Testament in the light of anthropological study, in particular the current trend towards theological anthropology. The book begins with three essays that survey the context in which the New Testament was written, covering the Old Testament, early Jewish writings and the literature of the Greco –Roman world. Chapters then explore the anthropological ideas found in the texts of the New Testament and in the thought of it writers, notably that of Paul. The volume concludes with pieces from Brian S. Roser and Ephraim Radner who bring the whole exploration together by reflecting on the theological implications of the New Testament's anthropological ideas.

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This is a peer reviewed Book

Publisher: Bloomsbury T&T Clark
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9780567660343

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