Becoming A Follower of Christ: Exploring Conversion Through Historical and Missiological Lenses

By Dr. Rupen Das
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ABSTRACT.  Conversion  is  a  critical  part  of  Evangelical  theology  and  missiology.  It  has  been defined as a crisis experience or a decision at a specific point in time. However, there is always an aspect of development, a process, involved. Increasingly, the phenomenon of conversion of those from non-Christian backgrounds, for example from other world religions, indicates that how  they  become  followers  of  Christ  is  often characterised  by  a  gradual  journey,  sometimes accompanied  by  visions  and  dreams.  This  paper  looks  at  the  phenomenon  of  conversion through a historical and missiological lens to explain and understand the dynamics of the conversion.

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Article in Perichoresis
Volume #: 16
Issue #: 1
Pages: 21-40
Year: 2018