Connecting Curriculum and Context: Foundations for Relevance in Theological Education

By Dr. Rupen Das (Chapter), Stewart Brooking (Editor)
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It is a bold thing to ask, "Is what we are doing working?" We know the danger of evaluating things as the world does -- with measurements and financial strength. We rightly rejoice at the stories of faithful ministry with little fruit and know that it says something profound about our God and his true servants.

And yet . . . Good leadership has always asked whether the wineskins are adequate for the new wine. Traditional Western theology has brought various benefits throughout the world but has failed to sufficiently encourage the development of local theologizing required in every context.

At the triennial ICETE international consultation in 2015, institutional leaders from a diverse global background presented research-driven revision of theological education designed to improve understanding of the real ministry needs and better equip students to minister in their own contexts. These reports of institutional change and their insights, compiled in this publication, show a new path to effective theological education. With widespread support across the world from educators involved with ICETE, the concept of research-driven change in theological education institutions is here to stay and will continue to grow in importance. This book is an invitation to courageously embrace these concepts and join in understanding and theologizing for your own context.

Chapter in Is It Working? Researching Context to Improve Curriculum: A Resource Book for Theological Schools
Publisher: Langham Global Library
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 1783683333

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