Evangelical Civil War

Evangelical Civil War

By James Beverley, Annette Johnson
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On December 19, 2019 Mark Galli, then editor in chief at Christianity Today magazine, rocked the evangelical world by calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from the Oval Office. Galli's editorial went viral immediately. The servers at the magazine crashed because of the internet traffic. By Friday Galli was featured in The Washington Post and other newspapers. President Trump tweeted against Galli. The editorial split the evangelical world and Galli became the target of major evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Frankling Graham. Other leaders went public in their support for Galli and the magazine. This resource gathers all the major news reports and opinion pieces in one volume. They are offered in chronological order, with links to the original sources.

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Publisher: Equal Time Books
Year: 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 1585020737

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