Gifted Response: The Triune God as the Causative Agency of Our Responsive Worship

By Dennis Ngien
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Much of the contemporary church's emphasis on worship has been on the 'how-to' aspect of worship and the discussion has been largely devoid of theological underpinning. This book seeks to fill that dangerous gap in the literature by means of an analysis of the theo-logic of worship in five major Christian thinkers:- Basil of Caesarea- Anselm of Canterbury- Bernard of Clairvaux- Martin Luther- John CalvinThe unifying theme that runs through these theologians is that worship is God's gift, in which we participate. The God who initiates his movement toward us in order to make worship through the Son in the Spirit possible is the same one who draws us into the heavenly sanctuary through the Son in the Spirit.

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Publisher: Paternoster Publishing
Year: 2008
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1842276105

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