Male Authority: Assumption Busting

By Genie Kim
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It is arguable that most individuals assume that a direct correlation exists between one’s “masculinity quotient” and one’s measure of authority. Notwithstanding the pervasive assumption that female teachers are less effective in managing their students compared to their male counterparts, this chapter turns this presupposition on its head. Empirical first-hand accounts and anecdotes of four female educators are delineated throughout. These compelling illustrations function to discredit the common misconception of male pre-eminence and authority in schools. This chapter concludes by offering both male and female teachers some key legitimation strategies; the provision of tips presented should aid in the establishment of positive classroom impact and authority.

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Chapter in The Complexities of Authority in the Classroom
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group (New York and London)
Year: 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-367-69199-8

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