Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon

By Rupen Das & Julie Davidson
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Although Lebanon is classified as a middle-income country, poverty remains a predominant challenge and is manifested in various ways. Going beyond the mere analysis of poverty from an income perspective, this unique study succeeded in drawing the various typologies of poverty in Lebanon, distinguishing between the rural and urban settings, Lebanese and non-Lebanese citizens. Increased inequalities and disparities may lead to negative social, economic, and political consequences that may have a destabilizing impact on societies. Consequently, the findings of the report reconfirm the urgency for appropriate socioeconomic policies, strategies, and programs that respond to the needs of vulnerable groups, especially those who are challenged by tenure insecurity and poor housing conditions in informal urban areas. 

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This is a peer reviewed Book

Publisher: Dar Manhal al Hayat
Year: 2011
ISBN/ISSN: 978-9953-530-36-9

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