Response to clozapine in a clinically identifiable subtype of schizophrenia

By Nancy J. Butcher, Wai Lun Alan Fung, Laura Fitzpatrick, Alina Guna, Danielle M. Andrade, Anthony E. Lang, Eva W. C. Chow and Anne S. Bassett
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This study in 40 patients with well-established genetic subtype (22q11.2DS) of schizophrenia (SCZ) found they respond as well to clozapine as those with other forms of SCZ, but they may represent a disproportionate number of those with serious adverse events, primarily seizures.

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This is a peer reviewed Article

Article in The British Journal of Psychiatry
Volume #: 206
Issue #: 6
Pages: 484-491
Year: 2015

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