‘Speaking in Parables’: The responses of students to a Bible-based ethos in a Christian City Technology College

By Elizabeth Green
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This paper discusses the engagement of Year 10 students with the Bible‐based ethos of their City Technology College by describing and analysing their engagement with tutor prayers. It concludes that students are impacted by some of the key beliefs which underpin the ethos, conceptualised as a faith habitus. In particular they privilege being informed about religious belief and the ability to make personal choices regarding religious faith and practice. Pupils report an awareness of whether their tutors self‐identify as Christians and purport to be able to sense whether tutors are personally convinced by the biblical perspectives they are discussing. Data from observation and interview suggest that whilst some pupils value the opportunity created in tutor prayers for discussion others find the long term exposure to Bible teaching in this format a barrier to seeing its relevance and purpose to their own experience.

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This is a peer reviewed Article

Article in Cambridge Journal of Education
Volume #: 39
Issue #: 4
Pages: 443-456
Year: 2009

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