The negotiation and articulation of identity, position and ethos in Joint Church Academies

By Elizabeth Green
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This paper summarises the key findings of a research project into the identity, position and ethos of jointly sponsored church academies. The research sought to investigate how joint church academies are situated within the field, how they relate to existing academies and the maintained church school sector and how they articulate their vision and ethos. Using a case study approach and drawing on open interviews, documentary analysis and non-participant observation the researcher had the unique opportunity to document the process of opening two joint church academies and to compare this with data from a more established joint church academy. The research questions were: how do jointly sponsored academies articulate their objectives and Christian ethos, and what is the relationship between school structures and the ethos of the academy?

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This is a peer reviewed Article

Article in Research Papers in Education
Volume #: 29
Issue #: 3
Pages: 285-299
Year: 2014

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