MDiv Counselling Program Internship — Clinical Track

MDiv Counselling students in the Clinical Counselling track are required to complete an internship during their final year of the program. The internship provides students with an opportunity to put into practice, in a real-world setting, what they have learned from the classroom experience. Students choose an internship site from a variety of placement opportunities.

Number of Hours Required


Students will complete 450 hours of Clinical Counselling Internship, with a minimum of 150 hours in direct contact with clients. Students normally complete their internship requirements within an 8 – 12 month period.

Example of Internship Placements

  • Mental Health Agencies
  • University Counselling Centres
  • CASC Program Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Detention Centres
  • Urban Missions (homeless and youth centres)
  • Private Practices
  • Various Community Counselling Centres
MDiv Counselling students in the Pastoral Counselling track have different internship requirements.
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Prerequisites & Co-requisites

Students who have been accepted into the MDiv Counselling program - Clinical Counselling track are required to complete all of the prerequisite courses before beginning an internship. This includes:

  • 80% of the course requirements for the main counselling professional associations such as American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Ontario Society of Psychotherapist (OSP), and Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors Psychometrists and Psychotherapist (OACCPP)
  • A full-year skills lab to ensure interns knows what is required in a counselling environment

Pre- or Co-requisites for Clinical Counselling Track

  • Spiritual Formation (SPIR 0700)
  • Leadership Formation (LEAD 0510)
  • Skills Lab 1 & 2
  • Theories & Methods of Family Therapy 1 & 2 (COUN 0772 & 0774)
  • Professional Ethics (COUN 0775)

Current Tyndale MDiv Counselling students can find more information, syllabi, and forms about the MDiv Counselling Internship at

Hire an Intern

Consider a Tyndale Counselling student to intern with you. Tyndale Counselling students are prepared and equipped with a broad scope and depth in counselling and therapy. You can provide a Tyndale MDiv Counselling student with practical experience in the counselling world. Each intern will complete a personalized learning contract with an on-site supervisor to ensure the experience is beneficial to both the intern and the organization.

The intern experience should include 450 hours with a minimum of 150 hours of direct client contact.

  • No more than 25% of face-to-face hours can be from a group experience
  • An average of 5-7 counselling sessions per week
  • Weekly or bi-weekly supervisory meetings
  • Supervisory assessment of videotaped sessions
  • Supervisor assistance for developing therapeutic goals and plans
  • Supervisor assistance in implementing appropriate counselling skills
  • Supervisor assistance in understanding and responding to ethical and counter-transference issues
  • Assistance in record keeping and proper documentation
  • A mid-year and end-of-year report from the supervisor.

Submit an Intern Position

Dr Kern Stanberry, Counselling Internship Program Director

Need More Information?

Contact Shauna Thompson, Counselling Internship Program Coordinator, by email at sthompson [at] tyndale [dot] ca or by calling 416.226.6620 ext 2139.