Felicia Fischhoff (MDiv, 2023)

Distinguished Alumni Horizon Award, 2023

Women smiling with a colourful dress

Felicia grew up in a single-parent home in a low-income community at a young age, the result of domestic violence.

As a result, her experiences and relationship with God developed into a passion to be an ally and advocate for those around her. After meeting her husband-to-be, she joined a group of individuals who were supporting a survivor of sex trafficking to get free from their trafficker.

After marriage, Felicia and Michael cofounded the charitable organization Fight4Freedom.

“Over the past few years, I have had the unique opportunity to see prayers answered in tangible ways, lives changed and healed, hope restored, something I will never take for granted,” she says.

Although the charity was cofounded before Felicia attended Tyndale, where she earned an MDiv in Clinical Counselling in 2023, she says, “It has definitely enriched the ways in which I experienced and thought of ministry and leadership.”

When not on the job, Felicia and Michael love to spend time with their two boys.

“We have tried to show our children the meaning behind the work we do, and explain why we do what we do,” Felicia says. “Finding time to be present and spend time with the boys, and just cuddle with them, is how I turn off, as I take in the moments that I have.”

Felicia and her husband Michael are sharing this year’s Horizon Award.

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