Lesley A. Kayser (BRE, 1970)

Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Impact Award, 2022

Lesley A Kayser

Lesley has been serving as long-term missionary in women’s ministry in Bolivia for 47 years. Throughout her time there, she was a major organizer and keynote speaker in many women’s conferences. In addition to serving in women’s ministry, Lesley also founded and managed a Christian bookstore, led children’s ministry, taught courses at seminaries, churches and other Bible institutes, mobilized and organized relief work for emergency medical needs and natural disasters, and hosted a church ministry at her home.

“I just want the Lord's name to be honored and glorified and to be a blessing to others, and to encourage others, to trust the Lord with their whole lives,” said Lesley.

With God’s guidance and the support of ministry partners, Lesley was instrumental in helping to establish a generation of Bolivian women leaders in faith. In 2016, Lesley was recognized by the National Association of Evangelicals of Bolivia for her “special services in the establishment of the Kingdom of God and His justice to the Bolivian church and people.” Lesley returned to Canada in recent years due to health concerns but is still serving and reaching out to Bolivia through Zoom and other technology.

“Some of us perhaps have had long careers, but there may be others who are just beginning on life's journey and thinking about what they might do in in the coming years,” said Lesley. “You could go beyond the Himalayas, or you could go beyond the Sahara.

“Wherever there are people who have never heard about the Lord Jesus, they need to know Him”

— Lesley A. Kayser

Wherever He calls us, He wants us to be faithful.”

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