Conor Wilson Sweetman (BA, 2017)

Distinguished Alumni Horizon Award, 2022

Conor Sweetman

In Conor’s last year of study as an English major at Tyndale, he was inspired to launch his own magazine that would explore art, beauty and culture, through strong Christian voices.

“The beginning of Ekstasis magazine was inspired by my undergraduate studies, social enthusiasm, and burgeoning ambition,” said Conor. “In those first months of planning out the magazine, I wanted to create something remarkable and unique, while at the same time achieving my childhood dream of having my work published.”

Over the span of a couple of years honing its creative and literary direction, Ekstasis would come to reach thousands of readers per month, build a strong Instagram following, and offer annual print editions that were eagerly enjoyed by the Ekstasis community.

Conor continued his studies with an MA in English from York University in 2018 and worked as Editor of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s Love is Moving. In 2021, Ekstasis was acquired by Christianity Today with the mission to revive the imagination and form a community that sees the poetic side of life and faith.

“So far, we've published nine print issues, featured hundreds of essays, poetry, and artists profiles, and have gathered 100,000 readers, both online and in print,” said Conor, Creative Lead for Special Projects, Christianity Today.

“We hope that Ekstasis will be a kind of digital Cathedral, a sanctuary from the noise and the clamour, a sacred space where beauty can capture our attention and lift it up toward our Creator.”

— Conor Wilson Sweetman


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