Tyndale University Launches 9 New Arts and Sciences Programs for Fall 2024

By Tyndale Communications  /  Monday, April 1, 2024

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Tyndale University is pleased to announce the launch of nine new undergraduate degree programs in the Arts and Sciences this fall, providing students with unique opportunities to explore diverse areas of study while integrating Christian faith into their learning. Starting in September 2024, these programs will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate complex societal issues, find employment and make positive contributions to the communities they serve.

"We are pleased to expand our program offerings with these new majors, minor and partnership," says Dr. Beth Green, Provost and Chief Academic Officer. "These programs will prepare students with employment-ready skills while integrating their faith into their learning for a unique, holistic educational experience."

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Media Arts

(Major BA or Honours BA options in each program)

Tyndale University introduces four new Media Arts programs designed to prepare students for various roles in media production and content creation. In their first year, students will learn how to tell compelling stories, make films in multiple formats and create original media. Students work with charities and non-profit organizations in their third and fourth years, creating media for clients, learning professional etiquette and making contacts for employment after graduation.

The programs are:

BA Media Arts - Production

Students enrolling in Tyndale University’s BA Media Arts – Production program will gain a wide variety of practical skills and theoretical knowledge over their four years in class and in the field. While learning the nuts and bolts of Dramatic Filmmaking, Social Media Production and Documentary Filmmaking, they will be given the opportunity to create projects that express unique messages related to their own interests.

BA Media Arts - Fine Arts

The BA Media Arts - Fine Arts program teaches students a variety of film and media techniques and approaches to creating animation and graphics, allowing them to explore various approaches to media art. This program is geared for students who see film as art rather than traditional dramas or documentaries.

BA Media Arts - Business

The BA Media Arts - Business program opens the door to the business of media production. Students will learn how media can be an advocate for business while creating marketing campaigns and content. Students will gain knowledge in research skills and project management. Knowledge and experience in these fields are gained both in the classroom, and through personal and group projects.

BA Media Arts – Media Ministry

The Media Ministry program brings the Word to a new generation. By studying Bible stories that express God’s relationship with creation, students will learn the literary forms of biblical traditions as well as adapting them to their own creative allegorical works. While exploring how media influences modern culture, students will have the opportunity to creatively “make” theology through media.

Minor (BA) in Media Arts

Tyndale’s new Minor (BA) in Media Arts is designed for students who want to explore media writing and production while pursuing a different Major. Students will be introduced to cinematography, the language of media and the art of editing as well as an understanding of the philosophy of film.

2+2 Bachelor of Science

Tyndale University is offering three BSc 2+2 Partnership degrees – Biology (Honours), Health Science Pre-Medicine & Chemistry Minor, and Health Science Professional with a Minor in Psychology – in partnership with Redeemer University in Hamilton, Ontario. Tyndale students will complete a series of first- and second-year, science-related courses at Tyndale, along with a portion of Tyndale’s Core courses. They will then enter Year Three of Redeemer’s four-year BSc programs to complete their chosen degree.

The programs are:

Biology (Honours)

Explore the complexity, diversity and intricacies of living organisms, that include everything from molecules to human bodies to ecosystems. Enhance your wonder for the natural world by exploring deeper into the intricacies of God's creation, gaining a better insight into the Creator.

Health Science Pre-Medicine & Chemistry Minor

The way we think about health and sickness has been influenced by the ideas and beliefs from philosophy and religion that have shaped Western culture over time. This program will help you in developing a biblical perspective on health, wellness, illness and medical ethics.

Health Science Professional with a Minor in Psychology

Explore the scientific side of health sciences and learn about how spiritual, psychological, environmental and social factors influence human health and well-being. Understand the variables that influence human health to demonstrate Christian compassion, integrity and respect to individuals facing illness, disability, chronic conditions or mental health challenges.

Minor (BA) in Sociology

The Minor in Sociology offers students an enriching opportunity to explore the dynamics of human interaction, social structures and cultural systems. It provides a comprehensive foundation in sociological theory, research methods and critical analysis, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of society and its complexities.


Tyndale invites prospective students to explore these exciting new programs and embark on a transformative educational journey. For more information and to apply, visit www.tyndale.ca/apply.