General Ministries

The General Ministries program prepares students for ministry in the local church, para-church organizations or missions. Discover how to integrate faith and learning in a meaningful and practical way as you study the Bible and explore how to become more effective in ministry and in the workplace.

Program Outcomes

Students in this program will learn how to:

  • Be competent in the interpretation and application of Scripture.
  • Be able to articulate doctrinal distinctives for themselves and others.
  • Be familiar with the issues related to various aspects of ministry.
  • Develop a biblically based philosophy of ministry.
  • Have a passion for the church and a determination of giftedness to serve.
  • Have a deep desire to study and teach God’s Word to others.
  • Be able to contextualize and apply biblical material to contemporary issues.
  • Be competent in hermeneutics of the Bible.


Program Options

  • Focus (BRE)
  • Degree Completion Program (BRE)

Interesting Courses

  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Educational History and Philosophy
  • Ministry Today
  • Principles and Practices of Teaching
  • Seminar in Ministry

Career Opportunities:

  • Para-church Worker
  • Senior or Associate Pastor
  • Outreach Worker
  • Teacher
Professors invest in you personally and are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.