Tyndale Faculty Publications

Pastor as Shepherd-Teacher: Insiders' Stories of Pastoral and Educational Imagination

Dr. Yau Man Siew, Article in Christian Education Journal

School: Seminary & Graduate

Pastor Wellness among Chinese Churches: A Canadian Study

Dr. Vincent Poon, Article in Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Year

School: Seminary & Graduate

Patterns of Descriptive Curse Formulae in the Hebrew Bible, with Special Attention to Lev 26 and Amos 4:6–12

Dr. John Kessler, Chapter in The Formation of the Pentateuch: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Europe, Israel and North America.

School: Seminary & Graduate

Penal Substitution in Perspective

Dr. Patrick Franklin, Article in McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry

School: Seminary & Graduate

Pentecostal Female Pastors

Dr. Ava Oleson, Chapter in Religious Leadership: A Reference Handbook


Plantinga's Defence and His Theodicy are Incompatible

Dr. Richard Davis, Dr. W. Paul Franks, Chapter in Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Consequences of Theism

School: Undergraduate

Ponder and Pray

Dr. Victor Shepherd

School: Seminary & Graduate

Popular Cold Warriors: Conservative Protestants, Communism, and Culture in Early Cold War America

Dr. Eric Crouse, Article in Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

School: Undergraduate

Potential of SoundCloud for mobile learning in music education: A pilot study

Dr. Heather Birch, Article in International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation

School: Undergraduate

Power and Participation in Evangelical Mission

Dr. Marilyn Draper, Chapter in The Present and Future of Evangelical Mission: Academy, Agency, Assembly, and Agora Perspectives from Canada

School: Seminary & Graduate